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AMaRE is a not for profit educational body that is focused on education for maternal and reproductive health care providers.

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International Work

ALSO Asia-Pacific and AMaRE in Low-Middle Income Countries 2012-2020

AAFP and ALSO Global have always had a commitment to helping create better outcomes for mothers and babies is international. ALSO Asia-Pacific have taken our course to several low and middle income countries in the Asia-Pacific region during our relationship with AAFP. Our instructors have travelled as volunteers and a large part of it is funded by course fees in Australia. The goal is to teach a course, identify and train new instructors and guide them on their way to autonomy in keeping ALSO in their region.

We started in 2009 teaching in the refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. It was a truly humbling experience made even more profound by the numbers of instructors we trained who are themselves refugees and migrants living in refugee camps and migrant communities. This came about after Australian doctor, Professor Rose McGready, based in Thailand with Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) international work photos AMaRE, attended an ALSO course in Australia. Under the leadership of Prof McGready the courses run on the Thai-Myanmar border require minimal guidance from the AMaRE family back in Australia. This relationship has continued with the change to AMaRE.


ALSO Asia-Pacific also taught in to Fiji where we trained 31 participants with 16 new instructors. We have also been guests of the Ministry of Health in Samoa and provided another course with some new instructors identified. The Ministry of Health in Samoa are setting up a simulation centre and we provided some advice about what should be included and brought some equipment that will remain there. We have also taught in Kiribas and the Solomon Islands. As of 2020 AMaRe has reduced our reach within the Asia-Pacific region to include only Australia and New Zealand. We continue to support the work of Prof McGready and the SMRU team in Thailand, Myanmar and the Thai-Myanmar border.


As mentioned above, part of this is supported by your course fees. We also urge you to consider donating spare equipment from your hospital. If you want to help with donations or have any questions, please contact help@amare.org.au or call 02 9531 5655.